Hungary win the Women’s 19 EHF EURO title

21 Jul 2019

Hungary are the Women’s 19 EHF EURO 2019 champions after a 27:20 victory over Netherlands on Sunday.

W19 EHF EURO 2019, 11-21 July, Győr, Hungary

7th place 
SPAIN - FRANCE 27-26 (13-9)

Imanol Alvarez Arruti, head coach:‘Today we played our best on the pitch, and the girls fought hard. Everybody was delighted that we won today, finishing the tournament with a victory. Before the European Championship we did not aim for anything, but the team is totally happy with this result.’

June Loidi Etxaniz: ‘Now I am more impressed with our performance than the day before yesterday. We could play relaxed and our defense was more solid. I am satisfied as I think this seventh position is quite good for us. The organisation was perfect, we did enjoy our time here in Győr.’


Eric Baradat, head coach: ‘Today we played differently compared to the beginning of the tournament. Although we felt the fighting spirit, we lost, because Spain was able to keep their concentration throughout the whole match. My team could not give their all constantly on this high level of handball. The conclusion is, that we experienced a lot, but we still have to improve.’

Melina Peillon: ‘We are a bit disappointed about this match. Despite our improved attitude, compared to the game against Romania, we were not able to win. We are sad, because we wanted to be one of the teams in the Semi Finals. Now, we just hope that our hard work pays off next year, and we can participate better than this time.’

5th place 
DENMARK – ROMANIA 26-34 (13-17)


Flemming Larsen, head coach: ‘We scored tons of goals, but our defence did not work at all. Everything clicked in the backline until today. I got all kind of emotions as I am happy what we achieved in the European Championship, however the quality of our handball was disappointing many times in the tournament. All in all I am proud of my team, but we will have to work on our mistakes.’

Frida Maag Damgaard: ‘I am not satisfied with our performance. We started slow and it was difficult to come back to the game. The Romanian team played better than us, and they deserved the victory. We are disappointed, but overall we enjoyed the tournament, as It was a great experience for us, and we learnt a lot from it.’


Dragos Dobrescu, head coach: ‘It always feels good to win a match. My first thought after this game was, that next year we are organising the world championships, where we are going to fight in order to get a medal. We did the same in Győr too, but we could not make it. Playing on the European level is difficult, and it will be tougher when the best teams in the world gather together.’

Andra Liviana Moroianu: ‘I think this was our best performance in this European Championship. The key was our merciless offensive play. I am glad with my MVP award, this is a great closure for this tournament. I am proud of the team, this fifth position is beyond our previous expectations.’

Bronze medal game 
NORWAY – RUSSIA 29-26 (19-13)


Knut Ove Joa, head coach: ‘More or less the whole team played well today. There were some tactical moves we have worked on for a while and it was great to see them in action. There were strong players on both sides and all of them fought hard on the pitch. We have some inexperienced members in the squad, so for us this year the victory was not as important as learning. Next year it will be different at the World Championship, and also at the following European Championship. It is good that we are constantly improving.’

Cristine Karlsen Alver: ‘The tournament was great, we gained a lot of experience in the past week. This bronze medal means a lot, as our goal was to win here after the lost game in the Semi Final against the Netherlands. The fans traveled here helped us every time we played, which always pushed us further. It was amazing.’


Liubov Sidoricheva, head coach: ‘We are devastated.’

Valeriia Kirdiasheva: ‘We had to play seven games in eleven days and it was exhausting. We had some injured players as well, so we could not play better. Last year at the World Championship we had a completely new squad and we leant on individual performances meanwhile now we tried to fight as a team but it did not work out this time.’



Netherlands coach, Monique Tijstermann head coach: ‘Honestly, I do not really care about the result. We fought a lot throughout this tournament and the girls were fantastic, I am proud of them. Playing the European Championship final in a full house arena is a gift for us for us. We are on the right path, I do not have a single bad word to the girls. We were glad to be here.’

Nikita Van Der Viet: ‘It was a really tough match, as we could not communicate well due to the Hungarian fans. They created a fantastic atmosphere, where we felt like we were in hell. If we look at our final position at last year’s World Championship, we can say now that we made several steps forward. This silver medal means a lot for us and for the Dutch handball.’


Golovin Vladimir, head coach: ‘We started fast in the beginning, while in the end we got a bit slower. We had a great game plan, and we were focused through the whole match.The attacking display was the key to succeed today. We successfully created a lot of opportunities, from which we scored relatively easy goals. I think we had optimal self-confidence. In the second half we were a bit stressful for 5 minutes, but it had no influence on our game. Our goalkeepers’ achievement is incredible, however I must add, that she always had a great defensive line in front of her, and the result comes from the cooperation.’

Monika Lili Herczeg: ‘We are over the moon, we have not even realised what happened. I was nervous during the match, but fortunately it only gave my performance a boost. Although the fans were amazing, we needed a really good team work to win the finals. I am not disappointed by the fact, that I am not the best goalkeeper of the tournament, Anna Vereshchak deserved it as well


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