Germany takes 9th place

20 Jul 2019

Defeating Croatia, Germany takes the 9th place on the Saturday's placement match.

W19 EHF EURO 2019, 11-21 July, Győr, Hungary

15th place 


Zdena Rajnohová, head coach: ‘Our main goal was to be in the first twelve in order to qualify ourselves to the world championships. After a while we had to face the fact, that we would not make it. I never thought that we would be the last team in the end. I think the girls are tired not only physically, but mentally too. This European Championship was a great experience for the team members, and hopefully this result will force us to work harder in the future.’

Edina Pastorekova: ‘The main reasons behind this result were the injuries and the tiredness. We did not have a single healthy line in the whole game, everybody had something that hurt, but this is not an excuse, we did not play well. I hope that there is going to be changes in the future, not only in trainings but in the team too.’


Bojan Voglar, head coach: 'It was a tough match until we figured out how to break through their defense, and we really needed this victory. The girls fought hard and I am very proud at the moment. This match showed us that we can play well, if we want to.  I hope we can go further like this in the future'

Blazka Hauptman: 'I think it was a well deserved win. We could take revenge on Slovakia and end this tournament with a victory. We fought hard to come back from a six-goal deficit, as in the second half we were faster than them, which helped to take control of the game. We did enjoy this European Championship but it would have been better if we had won more matches.'

13th place 
SWEDEN-PORTUGAL 25-24 (9-10)


Niklas Harris, head coach : ‘We tried our best today, but was not too easy as the Portugal team played very well. This result is very good for us, we are satisfied with it. We were head to head with them until the last whistle, but in the end we maintained our focus and won the game. All in all, I think we deserved this victory.’

Wilma Schelin: ‘We did not practice anything special, we just played together as a team. Everybody tried to make the best choices throughout the game. We were little sleepy in the first half, however in the second period we worked on our defense and offense and tried to create more opportunities. Maybe there is going to be changes in the future, we will discuss it at home.’


Aldina Silva, head coach: ‘The final result is the proof of our inexperience. I have the feeling, that we are not good enough to be here, but we participated for a reason. Despite the regular difficulties, the whole team fought as one, and everyone gave their all on the pitch. I am proud of them, but I know that a lot of work is waiting for us in order to be better.’

Joana Resende: ‘It was a tough match in which both teams would have deserved the victory. They won, because they could score more goals in the key moments. It was such a great experience to play at a hall like the Audi Arena and it was an honour to represent Portugal.’

11th place


Suzana Lazovic, head coach: ‘This tournament was very rough for our team. We often met with strong opponents, whom we tried to keep up with. Moreover, it partly happened, but we could not avoid mistakes. In the future we are going to train a lot, and work harder in order to participate better.’

Anastasija  Babovic: ‘We really wanted this win but we could not keep up with the pace of Austria. I think we were not focused enough. It would be much better, if we ended this European Championship with a victory.’


Helfried Müller, head coach: ‘There were some good and some bad games. I was really upset when we lost against Spain in the first match, but yesterday and a today the girls showed that they can fight. My team wanted to win more against Montenegro and we deserve to be in World Championship in Romania. I am happy that we grabbed our last chance here to go qualify.’

Johanna Reichert: ‘Everything is going well for us at the moment, which could be seen from the excellent start we made to the game today, so we are extremely satisfied with our performance. We did a great job, and now we will have some rest, which we deserved.’

9th place 
GERMANY-CROATIA 23-22 (12-13)

Mariella Bohm, head coach: ‘We did not play well today. This European Championship was extremely long, thus it is not a surprise that everyone is tired. We barely had time to rest during the tournament, as one difficult match was followed by another one. The most important now is, that we cannot be dissatisfied: we experienced and learned a lot. I believe, that some of the players will have the chance to prove themselves in the future. Moreover, Being the ninth best team in the continent is not bad at all.’

Lena Schmid: ‘In the beginning of the match we thought it was going to be easier, but we totally messed the plays up, however in the second half we started to push ourselves and showed that we are a better team than Croatia. Our emotions helped to achieve this. I felt amazing to be voted for the MVP award, because this was my first European Championship game and I am happy that I was able to help my team.’


Ivan Jerkovic, head coach: ‘We had many problems in our game, we were not as confident as before. In the end of the match the girls were stressed, as they really wanted to win this clash. The whole encounter was similar to the first one against them in the Group Stage. We had the opportunities to score more goals, but we could not use them.’

Lea Franusic: ‘I am satisfied with this tenth position because we fought hard and gave everything. There are several strong teams, and the race is very tough to reach a better place. I would like to thank all the fans who supported us even in the hard times. Today we were a little bit tired due to yesterday’s overtime but all in all, I can say that we played well.’ 




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