Pairings of the semi-finals

17 Jul 2019

Hungary-Russia and Netherlands-Norway are in the best 4.

W19 EHF EURO 2019, 11-21 July, Győr, Hungary
Main round, 2nd round
Group I

Denmark – Russia 23-30 (12-15)


Flemming Larsen, head coach:‘We missed some chances in the second half to win this match. Russia is a strong team with high quality players. Especially Elena Mikhaylichenko meant a problem for us. I have seen many great players, but she is surely the best in this generation. Being unable to stop her was the main reason to lose this match.’

Natasja Andreasen:’At one point of the second half, we were only one goal behind, we felt the energy and then I do not know what happened. We missed our chances, we could not score even from the penalties. I do not know what was missing. We are so disappointed because we wanted to play for medals.’


Liubov Sidoricheva, head coach: ‘This result is very good for us, we are satisfied with it. Our girls got really tired by the end of the match, so it was not an easy victory. It is impossible to play well during the whole tournament. Yesterday’s defeat was like a cold shower for us, and it woke us up, so we could play a lot better today.’

Valeriia Maslova: ‘We lost our rhythm in the second half and Denmark could come closer to us. Fortunately, we could correct our mistakes in time and in the last ten minutes we were really focused. If you only see the final result, it seems like it was an easy victory for us, but we had to fight hard for each goals.’

Netherlands – France 28-31 (13-15)


Monique Tijsterman, head coach: ‘The girls already knew before the match that we were in the Semi Finals, and they were not concentrated enough, so it is I think this defeat was due to mental issues. The team spirit, which they usually have was not there on the pitch today. I am a little bit disappointed right now, but I am very satisfied about the whole performance of the squad in this group. Tomorrow we will have a rest, but after that we will have to speak about few important things.’

Zola Amsen: 'Today we fought with the same spirit as we did before, although some of the decisions of the referees were unfair in my opinion. Maybe if there had been other referees today, it would have ended differently. Luckily it almost doesn't matter for us, because we are already in the Semi Finals.'


Eric Baradat, head coach: 'It was a very friendly game. We both wanted to win today, but of course in the name of fair play. Sadly, one of our main players were suspended, she was given a red card. I am not really happy about the decision, but the girls have to learn from it and this gives them more experience as well. Next time we will play against Romania. They also play well, so it is going to be a great challenge for us.'

Lilou Begon: ‘Finally we won and we deserved it so much. My players were amazing today. The Netherlands are a very strong team, but our performance was almost perfect today.
I am disappointed that we did not get into the final four, because we would have deserved that too.’

Group II
Romania – Hungary 21-31 (11-12)


Dragos Dobrescu, head coach: ‘It is always difficult to play against a great team, who barely makes mistakes, so we only tried to keep up with them and focus on our defense. The Hungarians did well today, I am happy for them, and it was great to play against a side like this, because of the quality of the match. I wish them luck for their following games.’

Eva Kerekes: ‘In the first half we had a big chance to beat the Hungarian team, but we started the second period very badly. We missed all shots, while they kept on scoring. I feel sorry about it, because we had enough chances to win this match.’


Vladimir Golovin, head coach: ' We did not start this match well, but we talked about some important things during the break, and we were able to improve our game. The Romanian players were tired in the second period, which led to the big difference between the two halves. Tomorrow we do not play, so we will rest because the girls deserve it. They did a good job, and I do not think I have to emphasize that a game against Romania is everytime a big deal, but we will need more against the Russian team.

Mónika Lili Herczeg: ‘In the beginning of the match we were a little too excited, and I think it was the main reason for the bumpy start. The half time was good for us because we played a totally different game in the second period. We are very grateful to the fans for their support as winning this encounter was very important for us. We will need to perform in the Semi Final just like we did in the second half of this clash.’

Norway – Spain 23-21 (16-13)


Knut Ove Joa, head coach: ‘I am not quite sure, that we deserved this victory but we won the match. We had good periods, we led by seven or eight goals. Spain is a very good team, and it was not a surprise that they did not give up. We had to realise it again that a handball match is sixty minutes long and we cannot slow down until the final whistle.’

Ane Cecilie Hogseth: ’It was a tough match from the beginning. We started slow but we could improve for the second half. I think the key for the success was our defense and our mentality, because we fought hard until the end. We are in the Semi Final and that was our main goal before the tournament. I think we can beat the Dutch team with a similar attitude and performance like today.’


Imanol Alvarez Arruti, head coach: ‘I’m happier with the result of the game today, than yesterday. We have fought hard against one of the best teams, and we were close to them almost the whole time. Our defence was very poor in the first half, and Norway could score a lot of easy goals through fast breaks. It will be very difficult to reach the fifth position, as France and Denmark are capable of playing at a very high level, but everything is possible for us if we perform like today.’

Isabel Fernandez-Agusti: ‘We were head to head with them until the very end, but in the last few minutes of the match we got a little exhausted, and we were unlucky in front of both goals. We will go out against Denmark extremely motivated and we will give all we have to succeed, because this team has everything to finish fifth in the tournament.’

Intermediate round, 2nd round
Group III
Croatia – Slovakia 38-24 (21-14)


Ivan Jerkovic, head coach:‘We started this match slowly as we conceded lots of goals in the beginning, but we changed our defense later on and played better. We scored more goals than ever before in this tournament and it was a big difference in this game. We are very satisfied with our performance in this group and we would like to play against better teams. I think we are getting better game by game.’

Barbara Gillinger:’ In the first half we played bad, but we upped our game and played so much better, which led to an easy win. We are happy at the moment, but we know this was not the toughest match. We need to show our best against bigger teams like Slovakia.’


Zdena Rajnohovo, head coach: ‘Great teams are participating in this European Championships, but they play with different quality. As it could be seen today, there was a big difference between the two sides. We had to face the problem, that some of the squad members got injured, so we could not count on them.’

Lucia Tomasechova: 'I have the feeling that we are not great enough. Sometimes losing a game demotivates us more, which will never push us further. Although we lost matches here, we won't give up on handball, because this is the sport we like, and it is worth to train every day in order to participate in events like this one. '

Germany – Slovenia 32-16 (17-7)


Marielle Bohm, head coach: 'Today we played as well, as we could. This is how we always do it. Ourgame doesn't depend on the opponent.'

Dana Bleckmann: ‘For the second half we slowed down a little bit, and we were unlucky. We created dozens of chances but we missed a lot of them. Fortunately our defense was good enough so we did not concede too many goals. I did not count how many goals I scored, but I cannot win the tournament alone anyway. The team was good today and we will see what happens tomorrow.’


Jernej Ranath, head coach: ‘Today we played with too many mistakes. The German team is better than us, and we know it. We have not won any games yet, but that is our next challenge. It was a hard group for us, but we got the experience we need.’

Lina Krulec: ‘We tried our best today, but it is not to easy against Germany. They are bigger, faster and they have so many talented players. It was a hard group, so we had no chance to win, maybe on Friday. Tomorrow we will have a little rest, and then we will train hard for the next game.

Group IV
Sweden – Austria 32-23 (17-12)


Niklas Harris, head coach: ‘It is a really good feeling to finally win a match. We were better both in defense and offense. We had faith in ourselves for the first time in this tournament, and I was impressed by this performance. I hope that from now on my team will keep this form against the upcoming opponents.’

Moa Boqvist, head coach: ’Eventually we could manage to win a game and I think it was well deserved. I was determined to perform well and with my seven goals I could help my team so I am pleased. I hope this victory will give us more energy and confidence for the next matches.’

Helfried Müller, head coach: ‘We had many problems in our game, we were not as confident as before. Sweden played better than us, and they grabbed the opportunities they had today. Our communication did not work and the girls were stressed because they really wanted to win this game.’

Nina Neidhart: ’We started well, but then everything collapsed. We did not communicate in defense and we let them score easy goals. We were too exhausted and we could not cope with the pressure. We need to find the right way again and now we just concentrate on that goal.’

Portugal – Montenegro 19-22 (8-13)


Aldina Silva, head coach: ‘We had the chance to score more goals, but we could not get use of them. We cannot win a game without a better offense. It was only our fault, we have to be stronger to be more successful during the next matches.’

Joana Resende: ’We are devastated. We were so close but we could not score in the key moments. I think we need to gain more international experience, because we were anxious, and maybe if we could be more relaxed we would win more matches.’


Suzana Lazovic, head coach: ‘Yesterday we watched our opponent play, and we knew that it would be a hard match. However, we could play on a very high level for sixty minutes and in the key moments we could make a difference. To be honest, the communication in my team became essential in the end, so I am very proud of them.’

Marija Radovic: ’There were a lot of ups and downs but we could cope with the Portuguese attacks and that was the key. We can be proud of our defensive performance. When we were down we could lift each other up with teamwork and that was also very important. We are full of energy and looking forward to play with Germany.’

19 July, Friday

18:00 Hungary-Russia
20:30 Netherlands-Norway




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