Day 2: Norway struggled for two points

12 Jul 2019

Results and quotes of the second day of the W19 EHF EURO 2019.

W19 EHF EURO 2019, 11-21 July, Győr, Hungary
2nd round:

Group A:

SLOVENIA-FRANCE 16-28 (5-15)


Bojan Voglar, head coach: ‘The main reason why we lost is the physical difference between the two teams. But tomorrow is a rest day, so we will relax a bit and we will talk a lot about what need to be changed for sunday. We did everything we could, so I am not disappointed. The French team is better than us, that cannot be questioned.  I just hope that we will play better than we did today.’

Blazka Hauptman: ‘We tried so hard from the first minute of the game, but we could not really do anything against France. They are so much faster and bigger than us.  These two things made the difference. We missed some of our chances to scorel, but all in all, I think we played well. I hope we can do better on Sunday!


Eric Baradat, head coach: 'We did not play as good as we did yesterday. We could not catch the rythm, this is why we ended up only with this difference. I am not saying that we did badly today, but we could have been better. Luckily, this achievement was enough to win, but I do not think it will be enough next time as well.'

Melina Peillon: 'I felt during the whole match that we are not really feeling it. We made mistakes which we tried to avoid. I do not think that we should let ourselves not to be focused all the time on this tournament. This is how today's game worked out, but we won, which is priority here.'

SLOVAKIA-RUSSIA 13-46 (5-23)


Zdena Rajnohovo, head coach: ‘The Russian team is a lot stronger than we are, it was obvious during the match. They scored so many goals, and we could not follow their playing style after a while. Our offense had also some problems. On one hand, the Russian defense was untouchable, on the other hand, our players got nervous and  they did not try to score a goal at all.’

Melani Jagodic: ’It is hard to say anything after a match like this. We knew that they are on another level. On Sunday, against Slovenia we would like to show the fans who support us at the venue that we can play better handball.’

Liubov Sidoricheva, head coach: ‘We prepared for a match like this, we had the result in our hands. The difference might seem a bit much, this is not the real one between the two teams. Our girls played very well tonight, almost all of them could score a goal during the match.’

Elina Sidnina: ‘We played with confidence from beginning to end. Even if I was the one to be chosen as player of the match, most of the players would have been a good choice for this prize. I think we can show how we can play when we stay focused. I hope we can save this performance for the next matches.’

Group B:
CROATIA-GERMANY 16-26 (11-11)

Jerkovic Ivan, head coach: ‘We played so goog in the first half, and I really do not know what happened in the second half. We did some mistakes and the German team got a lot of penalties from those situations. Our performance in the second half was so bad that we did not really have a chance to win this game. We have a rest day tomorrow, but we go on, we have to talk about our mistakes, so I am happy that Saturday is free. I am really sad, because I know that we can do more.‘

Jandrasic Lucija: ‘I am very sad, really. I know that the German team is very good, but we had a lot of chances to win this game today. I think we got tired in the second half. We can do more, so I do not understand what happened with us in the second half. Tomorrow we have to talk a lot about our performance.’

Marielle Bohm, head coach: 'The first half was difficult and it seemed like we are not able to shoot properly. Some of the players were suspended regularly, which did not help us at all. This resulted in some decontraction: mistakes again, but in the second half we dominated the match. We had a great plan, that was correctly realised. Now that the second game is over, we are having a rest. I can't wait being on the pitch next time.'

Dana Bleckmann: ‘Today we had a really good team spirit, we improved in defense and I think that was the key to win this. It took some time, but in the second half we played very fast, faster than the Croatians and I think that is why we won the game. Now our goal is to win the next game against Denmark and then we will see what will happen.’ 



Tijsterman Monique, head coach: ‘We started the match well, but our biggest problem was that we could not score. We missed almost  all our out in the first half, but we played really good and at the end of the first half we scored more goals, finally. And the defense was really-really strong today so this is the reason why we won this game and I am very satisfied with my team’s performance. We go game by game, we do not have goals. For us the most important that we go to the first eight and after we will see what we can do.’

Zola Amsen: 'I am so happy about our victory, it was extremely hard to compete today. I am tired and everyone else is tired as well, but a lot of adrenalin goes on after this win. I hope we can play like this next time as well.'


Flemming Larsen: 'I am very satisfied with the team’s performance. The score' s number is not that high, it was difficult to shoot today. We missed our chances sometimes, this is the reason why the final result is how it is. This match was played on a very high level, that's why I am proud of the girls.'

Frida Maag Damgaard: 'We missed too many chances and we even missed the balls, but I am not disappointed at all, because this was all we could do today. It is difficult to play on a European level, but with my teammates we enjoy every second of it. '

Group C:

AUSTRIA-HUNGARY 31-39 (15-21)


Helfried Müller, head coach: ‘It was a totally different team than yesterday, we played a lot better. We are a small country, everything is harder for us in terms of handball. We are very delighted that we can play here at the European Championships. Even if we do not win any matches, we have to show that we are mentally strong and it should never be easy to play against us.

Johanna Reichert: ’There was no pressure on us so we could play our game and it was beneficial for us. We can be proud of ourselves, we fought until the end. We are here to qualify for the World Championship and if we enjoy our game like we did today, it could happen at the end.’


Vladimir Golovin, head coach: ‘Yesterday our defense was way much better. Austria lost its last game with eleven goals to Spain, but they have good shooters, and they played very well today. We did not show our best performance today, but it is better to play like this during the group stage than further on the tournament, where we will not be able to correct our mistakes.’

Natalie Schatzl: ’The plan was to run forward and score as many goals as we can so even though we knew that our defense could pay the price for that. This system was „winger-friendly”, we could score a lot of goals from this position. I think we still have to improve a lot but we are on the right way and we learn a lot day by day. We are in a good mood and ready for the last group match.’

Gréta Kácsor, Player of the Match: 'Our defense just did not stick together throughout the whole match and we made several mistakes in attack as well. But I think we needed this match to learn how to fight for a victory. We tried to play faster, we rotated the players often to prevent injuries caused by tiredness, this way everyone had some time to rest. The match against Spain will be way much harder, we will only have a chance against them if we can finally put together our defense.'

MONTENEGRO-SPAIN 21-21 (11-10)


Per Johannson, head coach: 'I think we were a little bit unlucky in the end. We had a lot of good chances that we missed out. I think we would have deserved the victory. On paper Spain is better, but today we fought very hard so I am proud of the girls. Tomorrow is a rest day so we are going to go to the zoo to relax, hopefully we will laugh a lot and get away from handball, so when we are about to focus, we are able to focus. '

Nikolina Knezevic: 'I think in the end we missed too much possibilities which led us to this draw. I am not fully happy because I wanted the team to win, but it is not the end of the world. We practiced a lot before and we also learned from today's match. I am so happy to be the member of this incredible team and hopefully we are going to be able to go far in this tournament.'


Imanol Alvarez Arruti, head coach: ‘It was a very hard game, we would have needed a little bit of luck to win this game. Montenegro played very well. Tomorrow we will have some rest, but in the afternoon, we will have a training as on Sunday we will have a hard game.’

Daniela Moreno Lahora: 'This was a tough game, I got very tired in the second half. Luckily, we have a rest day tomorrow. We will have a great sleep, afterwards we just relax. This draw is not satisfying but it is okay because it could have been worse. We are about to let this day go and concentrate on the following games.'

Group D:


Aldina Silva, head coach: ‘First of all, I’m very proud of my team. I cannot say there was anyone from our team who did not give her best today, so I cannot be disappointed. Norway is one of the strongest teams on this tournament. They have more experience in situations like this, they can handle the key moments better than we did. I think that we took a step forward, we have tight matches with the best teams in Europe, so we have to keep on doing things the same way and we will succeed.’

Beatriz Fabiana Sousa: ’Norway is one of the best in Europe so I am very proud of my team to be able to play a tight match against them. It is the second day and our second tight loss which is a bit frustrating but we played our best. I think the international experience and maybe a bit more concentration in tough times what are missing for a win in a game like this.’


Sissel Nygard Pedersen, head coach: ‘We expected it to be a tough match, Portugal has very good players. The most special thing about them is that they play as a team, they create good atmosphere during the matches. At the end our goalkeeper had important saves, without her it would have been really difficult to win this game.’

Eva Erdal Moen: ’We won but we cannot be happy after this performance. Today we made a lot of mistakes in defense after yesterday’s match where we were really strong in that. I think we could won the match due to our mental strength.’

SWEDEN-ROMANIA 20-30 (6-18)


Niklas Harris, head coach: ‘I do not really know what happened with the team at the beginning of the match. Romania took the lead with ten goals, we could only score after nearly twenty minutes. The other forty minutes was quite well played from both sides, but with a start like this it is impossible to win against a team as strong as Romania.’

Louise Rundcrantz: ‘In the first half we ruined our whole match. We could not relax, we just ran and could not manage to score a goal while we let them score easy goals. Now we have to re-energize ourselves and concentrate on our last group match against Portugal.’


Dragos Dobrescu, head coach: ‘The first twenty minutes were all about our defense and our goalkeeper. Diana Ciuca played very well today, she deserved to be player of the match. Now we have to focus on the next game against Norway. Our goal is to be first in our group, so we have to stay focused.’

Patricia Valentina Moraru: ’We played a good match and it was good to see that the team is very united. Tomorrow we will play a really important game against Norway where we can reach the top of our group which would lead to a better way for the knockout phase.’


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