Norway and Sweden opened the W19 EHF EURO

11 Jul 2019

Results and quotes of the first day of the W19 EHF EURO 2019.

W19 EHF EURO 2019, 11-21 July, Győr, Hungary
1st round:
Group A:

FRANCE-SLOVAKIA 28-21 (16-7)

Eric Baradat, head coach: ‘Of course we are happy about our victory, but I am not satisfied with the final difference. We made mistakes, we missed out a lot of chances, so we must do some work on it. This was our first game where we won, which probably gives us motivation for the following matches.’

Wajoka Suzanne and Di Rocco Ilona, players: ‘Our coach set the goal to stay in this competition until we can, plus one day. We think we can make to the first 8. We are so happy to be here, so happy about playing here and we are even happier because of our victory. Our coach always tries to lead us to create the most out of any situation. He and we also want to put all our energy on the pitch.’

Rajnohovo Zdena, head coach: ’The French team was better physically which in this age group matters a lot. They were quicker, more dynamical, and these differences came out during the match and we couldn't do anything against it, although the girls did what they could. We are concedntrating on one match at a time, we do not have specific goals, but our minimal expectation is to be in the best 12.

Demeter Virág Orsolya, player: ’It was a very hard game for us so we are quite tired now. But did what we could. The French were so much bigger and faster then us that we could not fight them back. I hope the next matches will be easier, but it was a good challenge to begin this tournament with.’

RUSSIA-SLOVENIA 36-21 (18-10)

Liubov Sidoricheva, head coach: ‘I am very satisfied with the result, the match was in my team’s hand from the first moment to the last. The first game is always tough, as everyone is very excited. I cannot say that any of the teams is better than the other, they are nearly on the same level. We have to focus on every match to have a chance to win this tournament.’

Valeriia Maslova, player: 'Our opponent fought until the end and I do not think the result shows the real gap between the two teams. It is always good when we can start a tournament with a huge win but we need to keep on focusing on our game and we need to improve match by match. We are ready for tomorrow’s challenge.'

Jernej Ranath, head coach: ‘The final result shows the real difference between the two teams. Russia has a better team, but we did our best, so I cannot say that I am disappointed. We have a difficult group, all teams are great, so the only word that perfectly describes the tournament ahead is fight.’

Jelena Gavrilovic, player: ’The final result shows the truth, unfortunately. Russia has a greater handball legacy. I think we did our best so I am proud of the girls. We came here to play our best and we will see what we can achieve at the end.’

Group B:

Bohm Marielle, head coach: ‘We made small mistakes in the first half, so the goalkeepers had to focus more in order to compensate the team’s lack of concentration. The whole team fought extremely hard until the last second. Small movements decided this match. I’m satisfied with the team, because they played handball beautifully. I’m not disappointed at all, because we need to go on and after this good start I can't wait for tomorrow's match.’

Bleckmann Dana, player: 'We put a lot of energy into our defense so we got tired quite soon. But in the second half we woke up and we went hard for the win. But we had a lot of mistakes, this was our biggest problem, because all our mistakes were punished by our opponents with a goal. We believed until the end that we have a chance to win this match. All in all, I am proud of our team. We keep on fighting.'

Monique Tijsterman, head coach: ‘We did some great moves, especially in the first half, so as in the beginning of the second half. The girls played really offensively and our defense burned a lot of our energy. Sometimes we made simple mistakes while attacking, but luckily we were able to correct
 ourselves. I am satisfied with the girls’ performance. Tonight we will analize the game we played today, what we did good and in which parts of our game we need to make corrections. But the most important is that we need to focus on tomorrow's match against Denmark.’

Zoe Sprengers, player: 'I think the real power of our team is speed and also our defense worked well today. We had a lot of quick attacks which we finished with goals. We showed a very good first half and that resulted to be very important. We switched from defense to attack very quickly. It was a really hard match, but we made it! I am proud of the team, we did a great job today, but now we are focusing on our next games.'

DENMARK-CROATIA 24-18 (13-6)

Larsen Flemming, head coach: ’We started this match quite well, but later we missed many of our chances which almost cost us the match, but the girls continued to play a very nice game. So it was the first match for us in this tournament, and I think it was a good start. To be honest, we made this match difficult for ourselves.’

Clara Skyum Thomsen, player: ’I think we have a very good defense, maybe this is the strength of our team, and I think this made the difference between the to teams today. We shot a lot, but we missed so many chances. At the end of the match we got tired a bit, because we had put a lot of energy into our defense.But we managed to win and this is the most important. The Croatian team is quite good. Our biggest goal on this tournament is getting into the final four.’

Jerkovic Ivan, head coach: ‘We started the game with too many mistakes, we were not focused enough, so we legged behind. Meanwhile Denmark shooted goals for us. Sadly, we were not able to turn the match, but somehow we got energy in the last 15 minutes, which helped us a lot, but it was not enough for the win. The next games are a different story, this match will not influence us hopefully.’

Karmela Pokopac, player: ‘The atmosphere was great, but we started the game quite bad. Sadly, we could not catch up at the end. I am feeling great despite it all. I hope that one day I will come back to play here.’

Group C:

Golovin Vlagyimir, head coach: ‘In the first ten minutes they slowed us down, and it was a bit strange for us at the beginning. After the first shock, the team played as we planned. Tomorrow we will play against Austria. We cannot underestimate them, on this tournament there are no weak teams, you have to be focused all the time.’

Nikolett Tóth, player: ‘Except the first few minutes, I think we were better than Montenegro. We played like a team, whenever we went down, one of us lift the whole team up and it was an incredible. We are thankful for the fans, they gave us that extra that we needed. I hope we can continue this way, now we can focus on tomorrow’s match against Austria.’

Suzana Lazovic, head coach: ‘In my opinion Hungary, and especially this team has one of the most talented players in the world. I think they are among those teams who have the biggest chance to win this tournament. I’m quite satisfied with my team, we had ups and downs during the match, but we overcame those moments and we had great elements in our offense and defense as well.’

Milica Raicevic, player: ‘Of course, we are disappointed but there were some positive things also in our game against a really strong Hungarian team. Now we have to move on and come back stronger tomorrow so we can beat Spain.’

SPAIN-AUSTRIA 33-22 (17-11)

Imanol Alvarez Arruti, head coach: 'I am not happy about our performance. We won this game, but we need more for our upcoming matches. Austria has a very good team, they have a strong defense and today many of their players showed off a great game. But we were quite nervous at many points of the match which had a bad influence on our game. But it was our first match so it is very important that we could win. I hope tomorrow we will play better. It will be hard to win this tournament, this is not even our goal, there are a lot of good teams, but we will do everything and we will see how far we can get.'

Paula Arcos Poveda, player: 'Our victory against Austria was thanks to our long-term and very hard work. I think, this year the team is full of players from a very good generation. We are extremely proud to be able to represent our age group and our country at such a high level competition. We will keep fighting so that we can make everyone proud!’

Helfried Müller, head coach: ‘I do not think that we fought by heart today. We committed every mistake we could, the girls were deconcentrated and the sad thing is that we do not have time for corrections. We need to move on and think about the following matches. Hopefully, we will show off a better performance better than today.’

Johanna Reichert, player: ’We did not succeed today, this match was very difficult. I hope we will not be influenced by this. Although it was not our best form, we will try to do better.’

Group D:
NORWAY-SWEDEN 33-16 (21-9)

Sissel Nygard Pedersen, head coach: ‘I think our teamwork was the key of our success today. We had to work with a lot of new players this year, it was a big challenge for us, coaches. I’m impressed how they worked together, they communicated well throughout the game. Our long-time goal is to make these girls to get into the national team one day, so we have to do our best to give them the possibility to be the best players in the world.’

Hanne Ramsoskar Sagvold, player: ’It is always good to beat Sweden and now we managed to do so with a great play. Our defense was strong so I really had an easy job to save the shots. It was a nice way to start a tournament.’

Niklas Harris, head coach: ‘It wasn’t a good game for us. We were a little bit nervous during the match. In defense we didn’t play as a team, individually it was impossible to solve our problems. In attack we had some moments, but teamwork was also missing, everybody wanted to grab the possibility on her own.’

Maja Freden, player: 'It wasn’t the start we expected. We couldn’t cope with Norway’s defense and our opponent’s goalkeeper was outstanding. We keep on fighting, there are still a lot more matches to play.'

ROMANIA-PORTUGAL 28-26 (14-13)

Dragos Dobrescu, head coach: ‘It was not an easy game, but first matches are always like this. Portugal improved a lot in their handball in recent years. They are becoming more and more stronger year by year. My team’s effort was enough for today, but tomorrow will not be any easier, so we have to stay focused.’

Diana Cristiana Ciuca, player: ‘We expected a tough start and it really was, but we could manage to win this game and this is the most important now. We need to improve in some elements of our game but if we can keep on fighting like we did today we can be successful.’

Aldina Silva, head coach: ‘It was a positive game for us. Playing head to head against one of the best teams in Europe is giving us high hopes for the next matches. We lost this game, but we are ready for the next fight against Norway tomorrow.’

Beatriz Fabiana Sousa, player: 'I am happy that I could score 8 goals but I am disappointed because we were so close to win this game against Romania. We are in a very difficult group where we have to play extra to win even a match.'



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