Handball stars promote the W19 EHF EURO 2019

20 May 2019

Last summer, the U20 Hungarian national team could raise high the world championship trophy in Debrecen, and this year we can cheer for the U19 team at the European Championship in Győr. The event is supported by handball stars such as Anita Görbicz and Stine Oftedal.

It is impossible forget the final of the 2018 Women's Junior (U20) World Championship, when Háfra Noémi’s team defeated Norway and gained the trophy in a full house match in Debrecen. In this July, we can support another lovely team, since between 11-21 July, Győr willo be the host of the Women's U19 EHF EURO 2019.


Two years ago, this Hungarian team finished first in the European Youth Olympic Festival in Győr, and won the bronze medal at the Women's 17 EHF EURO 2017 in Slovakia and finished second in the last year's world championship in Poland.


Everybody will soon talk about the EURO, you will be greeted on billboards by the players in the town of Győr, and we can also participate in exciting EURO activities on the web. The campaign was joined by handball players such as Anita Görbicz, who became silver medalist on the junior World Championship in Győr in 2001, and such as Stine Oftedal, who won the trophy at the 2009 continental championship also in Győr. Of course, we can meet this year's juniors during the campaign, as last year, the photo of Noémi Háfra, Sára Suba and Petra Tóvizi appeared on the trams in Debrecen, this year we can admire our favorite players, but where and when, it turns out soon: #followthefuture.


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